Intensive Care units


       Intensive Care Units are unit which serve in the presence of a life-threatening, critical disease; 24 hours of uninterrupted follow-up and health care services, close follow-up and treatment of the patient, the continuation of life and aims to return the patient. It is equipped with high-tech medical devices and specially trained medical personnel, who are privileged with other hospital services in terms of medical treatment and patient care.

     For adult patients within our hospital; Step 3 in Anesthesia Intensive care, intensive care Step 2. Internal Medicine, Neurology, and Step 1 as the coronary intensive care, surgical intensive care units is located. The presence of a separate room of each patient within the unit, which is accepted and accepted in the world, has also been meticulously performed in our hospital.

   The operation of the Anesthesia Intensive Care Unit, where the 3rd Stage Intensive Care service is carried out with head of Anesthesia and Reanimation Department Prof. Dr. Semra Gümüş Demirbilek and Intensivist Dr. Canan Gürsoy. 24 hours of uninterrupted service is provided with our experienced intensive care physician staff.

   In all of the units where all critically ill patients are accepted until the age of pediatric and adult, all follow-up, treatment and care services related to the patient are carried out by the department employees. Our patients are followed up by one nurse and their treatment is continued by experienced intensive care physicians. Our intensive care units receive support from other branch physicians for 24 hours.

  The beds in our intensive care units are designed for immediate intervention in emergency situations. At the bedside, there are monitors which are followed-up patients throb, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, body temperature, continuous signs showing vital signs, liquid and perfusers to give medicines. In our intensive care units, there are high-level respiratory devices to provide artificial respiratory support. In addition, the intermittent or continuous hemodialysis system is present for immediate renal failure.

    All imaging techniques (CT / computed tomography, MR / magnetic resonance, digital x-ray, ultrasound, etc.) can be performed at any time.

    In the multidisciplinary approach, our staff of intensive care physicians and and nurses, who work with dedication and sacrifice to make our patients hold on  to the life, perform their duties in line with the science required by medicine.

    Intensive Care Units and Number of Beds

  • ANESTHESIA AND REANIMATION INTENSIVE CARE UNIT : Tertiary intensive care 10 beds
  • SURGICAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT :  Primary Step 10 beds
  • NEUROLOGY INTENSIVE CARE UNIT : Second line  7 beds
  • CORONARY INTENSIVE CARE UNIT :primary step 9 beds
  • NEWBORN INTENSIVE CARE UNIT : Second line  7 Incubators