Pathology Laboratory

Pathology is principal branch which means nosology.One of the main duties of pathology to diagnose the diseases and examine the parameters which can be lead the treatment.For this purpose,The patient who admitted to our outpatient clinics and clinics who are followed up in inpatient ,tissue,organ bipsies,radical surgical materials or cytological materials deemed necessary by the relevant clinicanare transported to our pathology laboratory. In our laboratory ,it is aimed to contribute to the diagnosis and treatment stages by going through different process and stages by reporting the pathology specialists.

    The pathology laboratory of our hospital examines approximately 25.000 biopsies/cytology and provides with 4 Associate Professor ,4 Staff Physicians,3 Pathology Technicians,6 Laboratory Technicians Archieve Officer,3 Medical Secretary.In addition to routine pathological/cytological investigations,liquid-based cytological examination,histochemistry,immunohistochemistry and chromogenic In Situ Hybridization Techniques aere used.