Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Most of child deaths in infants under one year of age in Turkey is also an important part of these babies, unfortunately, the first month, that is during the neonatal period. To be able to keep these babies alive, to treat their problems, both in a very good infrastructure and very well trained, this issue reveals the need for specialized health personnel. For this reason, neonatology science is a side branch which has been trained on child health and diseases expertise for three more years and serves as a neonatal intensive care physician.

Neonatology unit of our hospital is the neonatal intensive care unit with level 2, with 7 beds capacity. It also has a 4-bed capacity newborn service. It is a center where advanced respiratory support methods are performed.
There are 2 neonatology specialists, 6 pediatricians, one professor, 2 pediatric cardiologists and 4 pediatric surgeons in our unit. In addition, eye diseases of preterm babies (for ROP diagnosis and treatment), child nephrology, pediatric hematology, child immunology and pediatric neurology branches are supported 24 hours a day.

In addition to being a center which surgical treatment of diseases of the newborn, we are working on developing an eye disease in premature infants in which the clinical examination as a private in Turkey.

   In the hospital where risky pregnancies are followed, besides the treatments of premature and pregnant babies born in these pregnancies, we can perform their follow-up, development and hearing tests after discharge.

   Our unit, provide services with 2  neonatalog and with 15 nurses,due to being a specialist in the field of child health and diseases,has been given neonatology training to the research assistant doctors.

   Our newborn clinic continues its 24 hours of without interruption at the academic level, utilizing advanced technical equipment to serve the neonatal health and science of our country constantly. Our best effort is to provide the best possible treatment for our newborns and premature babies and to provide their families with healthy and happy families.