Medical biochemistry laboratory are currently working under the supervision of the Laboratory Administrative and Training Officer with 3 Academic Staff, 4 Biochemistry Specialist, more than 15 Technical  Staff.

   The Main Laboratories in the Medical Biochemistry Laboratories that serve in our hospital are below.

 1-Medical Biochemistry Central Laboratory (E Block-2.Floor) (Routine Biochemistry ,Hormone,Coagulation Lab.)

Surveillance Urine laboratory (CBlock –Ground floor)

Surveillance Emergency Laboratory  (D Block-1.floor)

   To this laboratories apart from the Services,Polyclinics and Intensive Care Units in this hospital from district central policlinics,in addition ,sample are sent for the laboratory tests from the contracted instutions and district state hospitals which mentioned on the web site of our hospital.

   Medical Biochemistry laboratory provides service within working hours,Emergency Biochemistry laboratory provides service 24 hours. In Medical Biochemistry laboratory daily function starts in the morning with daily maintenance of devices, calibration of the tests and internal quality control samples are analysed and after results are evaulated, patient’s samples are analysed and results are evaulated by the Medical Biochemistry Specialists and approved.

    The analyses which are carried out in our laboratory are performed with International Realibility and Validated  measurement Methods. Daily international quality control are ensured with member of external quality control programs.

    In our laboratory 1 medical specialist student was given specialization and graduated.

     Our laboratory, which updates the test menu and measurement methods in the lights of recent literature data are analysed most of the tests in the Health  Implementation Communique or supply to analyse the other external laboratory. In our laboratory,routine studies are carried out with the clinics in our hospital in cooperation.

Mission and Vision                           

   To provide health service comply with National Health Policies and strategies ,patient and staff safety without comprimising, proposeto keep the patient and staff satisfaction at the highest level ,quality, reliable, provide qualified health service with a clear understanding of technological developments  and continous improvement with the principle of medical ethics. Ensure the supply and continuation of safe and reliable tests results. To educate specialized who are equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience in specialization, to be Pioneer and preferable in national  and international platform in terms of health services , to fulfil the duty of our country to have a positive image in the international area.