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                               MUĞLA TRAINING AND RESEARCH HOSPITAL

Muğla is a city where hundreds of civilizations have been cradled since the early years of history and is one of the most important tourism center of Turkey and world with natural beauties and cultural heritages. Muğla Training and Research Hospital aims to be the capital of health tourism with its high standard new service building and expert teams regarding the recent significant improvements in the healthcare field in Muğla.

Our Training and Research Hospital aims to give easily accessible, qualified and credible health service to all domestic and foreign patients and train qualified healthcare workers with the horizon which complies with national health policies and strategies, keeps patients and employee satisfaction at the highest level without compromising safety and opens to technological advances and continuous improvements.

Our hospital occupies 103.531 m 2 of closed space and has got bed capacity of 660.Our hospital has got contemporarily equipped 200 double and 150 single patient rooms,103 intensive care beds and 16 operating rooms, one of which is used for emergency operations. The number of our outpatient clinics has been increased from 99 to  with the capacity of 3500 outpatient visits per day.

Our hospital has a parking capacity of 820 vehicles.

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